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What is AlternateHistoryHub?

What is AlternateHistoryHub?

Cody Franklin (born: July 16, 1995 (1995-07-16) [age 26]), better known online as AlternateHistoryHub, is an American Educational YouTuber who goes over different alternate histories, such as: “What if the South won the Civil War”, “What if Germany won WW2”, and other alternate history topics.

Is knowledge hub and AlternateHistoryHub the same?

On July 19, 2016, he changed the name of the channel to KnowledgeHub, the videos on this channel now feature videos relating to multiple different subjects, such as “Tanks of World War II” and “What was the Star Wars program?” Recently Cody’s brother Tyler has taken over most of the videos on KnowledgeHub, rebranding …

Where is AlternateHistoryHub?

Cody Franklin, better known under the alias AlternateHistoryHub, is an American educational YouTuber, author, and graphic designer from Toledo, Ohio whose channel primarily creates videos about alternate history scenarios, though later grew to include exploring fictional lore and general politics.

What is meant by alternative history?

1 : fiction that is based on history and that explores what might have happened if certain historical events, figures, etc., had been different Kennedy surviving the assassination attempt is a popular event of alternative history, inspiring novels, stage plays and short stories.—

What is the purpose of alternative history?

Alternative histories provide an intriguing window on the ways in which particular peoples understand their pasts, for the genre’s practitioners often reimagine events and turning points that are central to national mythologies.

How do you do alternate history?

3 Essential Tips for Writing Alternate History Fiction

  1. Focus on one specific change to historical events.
  2. Do a ton of research that goes beyond the single event you are altering.
  3. Remember the same rules of standard fiction writing apply.

Why is alternate history important?

By revealing the complex relationship between determinism and chance in shaping historical events, alternate histories can help us understand the forces that will influence our future.

What is the purpose of alternate history?

Why do we ask what if reflections on the function of alternate history?

The presentist character of alternate histories allows them to shed light upon the evolving place of various historical events in the collective memory of a given society. By examining accounts of what never happened, we can better understand the memory of what did.