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What is difference between numerous and many?

What is difference between numerous and many?

The difference between Many and Numerous Many is also determiner with the meaning: an indefinite large number of. Many is also noun with the meaning: a multitude. Many is also pronoun with the meaning: a collective mass of people. Numerous is also adjective with the meaning: indefinitely large numerically, many.

Does Numerous mean many?

very many; being or existing in great quantity: numerous visits; numerous fish. consisting of or comprising a great number of units or individuals: Recent audiences have been more numerous.

How many would Numerous be?

The definition of numerous is something that has many elements or that is large in number. When a group has 100 members, it is an example of a group that would be described as having numerous members.

Does several mean 7?

By definition, several means three or more (but often less than many, which we will cover next.) So, if several party-goers out of a group of nine were intoxicated, several could correctly be translated as three or four.

What is the root word for numerous?

numerous (adj.) early 15c., “consisting of a large number,” from Latin numerosus “numerous,” from numerus “a number” (see number (n.)).

What does Numerous mean by?

: consisting of great numbers of units or individuals born into a numerous family also : many received numerous complaints The people I’d like to thank are too numerous to mention.

Is numerous formal?

Numerous, a more formal word, refers to a great number or to very many units: letters too numerous to mention.

What qualifies as several?

Several, according to its dictionary definition means “more than two but not many”, so a few but not a couple. And some, according to the dictionary means “an unspecified amount or number”.

How do you describe numerous?

Numerous means very large in quantity. The adjective numerous is related to the word number — which is no big surprise since it basically means “a large number of something.” Use numerous to describe a copious or abundant amount that you can’t give a specific number for.

How do you use the word numerous?

Numerous sentence example

  1. There are numerous side roads but this is becoming a massive man hunt.
  2. We’d discussed this point among ourselves numerous times over the past months.
  3. The art collections of Stuttgart are numerous and valuable.
  4. She knows four hundred words besides numerous proper nouns.

What is numerous time?

“Numerous times” refers to something that happens repetitively. ” I tried to call you numerous times but you didn’t answer.”

What’s the difference between ” many ” and ” numerous “?

Numerous is also for countable things, but is more focused on the number than many. For example, we can say ‘I have many of them’, and also ‘I have a numerous amount of them’. Both mean the same thing but numerous is a little more formal.

What’s the difference between multiple different and many different?

While, based on Ngrams, multiple different is a construction which has seen a fairly recent increase in use, starting in roughly 1980, many different means essentially the same thing and has been around for many years.

Is it wrong to say multiple different sizes?

Saying multiple as in “multiple different sizes” is redundant, but it is not wrong. Basing on the data reported from the Corpus of Contemporary American English, I can say that “multiple different” is not so frequently used, and it is less used than “many different.”

When do you use more than one word?

Using only many implies variation, otherness, and difference. Granted, there are times when you would use one of these words over the other (various different) ones. However, you will never need more than one. Highly active question.