What is Grant connect in Oracle?

What is Grant connect in Oracle?

The CONNECT role was originally intended to allow users to log in to the database. In version 6, the CONNECT role was given the privileges shown in Table 5.1 and allowed the user to connect to the database, to create views, synonyms, and database links, and to perform table or user exports.

How do I grant permissions in Oracle 11g?


  1. Log in to SQL *Plus: sqlplus ‘/ as sysdba’
  2. Create a new user with an administrator password: create user user_name identified by admin_password ;
  3. Assign the sysdba privilege to the new Oracle user: grant sysdba to user_name ;

How do I connect to a user in Oracle 11g?

Display the SQL command prompt window. For example, on Windows, click Start, then Programs (or All Programs), then Oracle Database 11g Express Edition, and then Run SQL Command Line….Connect as the SYSTEM user:

  1. Type: connect.
  2. Enter user-name: system.
  3. Enter password:

Is commit required after grant in Oracle?

If you give grant to a table or create synonym for a table, thats it. It will be there unless you drop it or drop schema. If you do any table updation/deletion/insertion then you need to commit the session. That means for all DDL you no need commit.

How do I grant Dblink privileges in Oracle?

Only database superusers can grant system privileges.

  1. CREATE [PUBLIC] DATABASE LINK. The CREATE [PUBLIC] DATABASE LINK privilege allows the specified role to create a database link.
  4. Using the ALTER ROLE Command to Assign System Privileges.

How do I find my Oracle 11g username and password?

5 Answers

  1. Open your SQL command line and type the following: SQL> connect / as sysdba.
  2. Once connected,you can enter the following query to get details of username and password:
  3. This will list down the usernames,but passwords would not be visible.

How do I login as SYS?

You can log in and connect as SYSDBA only with SQL Command Line (SQL*Plus). You can do so either by supplying the SYS user name and password, or by using operating system (OS) authentication.

How do I grant permission to user in SQL?

Expand Security, right-click on Logins and select New Login.

  1. Enter a descriptive Login name, select SQL Server authentication, and enter a secure password.
  2. Select the User Mapping tab, check the box next to the desired database, confirm that only ‘public’ is selected, and click OK.

Does insert need commit?

So yes, by default, if you’re just using INSERT , the records you insert will be committed, and there is no point trying to roll them back. (This is effectively the same as wrapping each statement between BEGIN and COMMIT .)

Does Alter need commit?

ALTER FUNCTION , CREATE FUNCTION and DROP FUNCTION also cause an implicit commit when used with stored functions, but not with loadable functions. ( ALTER FUNCTION can only be used with stored functions.) CREATE TABLE and DROP TABLE statements do not commit a transaction if the TEMPORARY keyword is used.

What does grant connect exactly do?

Grant Connect is designed for Canadian charities and nonprofits to improve their grantseeking and fundraising efforts. Municipalities, corporations and consultants also benefit from Grant Connect.

How to create Oracle connection?

To create a database connection: In the Connections navigator in SQL Developer, right-click the Connections node and select New Connection. Enter the following information: In the Connection Name field, enter the name to use for this database connection. Optionally, click Test to test that the data you provided will allow the specified user to connect to the database.

What is grant in Oracle?

In Oracle PL/SQL, the term GRANT refers to a specific privilege or permission given to a user (or a role) so that they may perform a particular action. The opposite of granting a privilege is revoking the privilege. Simply put, grants allow users the ability to do specific things.

How do you add user to role in Oracle?

To Add a User Select Administration in the Navigation pane. Click Local Users. The Users page is displayed. Click the Add User icon. The Add User window is displayed. Enter the user name. Add one or more roles to the list of Selected Roles. Click Add User. The new user is created.