What is PermGen space error in Java?

What is PermGen space error in Java?

A java. lang. OutOfMemoryError: PermGen Space is a runtime error in Java which occurs when the permanent generation (PermGen) area in memory is exhausted. The PermGen area of the Java heap is used to store metadata such as class declarations, methods and object arrays.

How can I increase my PermGen size?

To increase PermGen, we have the following commands: -XX:PermSize=N – sets the initial (and minimum size) of the Permanent Generation space. -XX:MaxPermSize=N – sets the maximum size of the Permanent Generation space.

How do you increase PermGen space in STS?

Unhandled event loop exception (PermGen space) The one working solution is to increase the space in eclipse. ini or the configuration file following the given below steps. just add -XX:MaxPermSize=256m command below the -vmargs line. Change value of -XX:MaxPermSize as per your requirement.

How do I set PermGen space in eclipse?

Tuning Eclipse Performance and Avoiding OutOfMemory Exceptions

  1. Go to your Eclipse setup folder.
  2. If you are running Eclipse on Mac OS X then. Right click on eclipse.app icon. Click on Show Package Contents.
  3. Open eclipse.ini file.
  4. Change below parameters. -Xms512m.
  5. Add below parameters. -XX:PermSize=256m.

How do I fix Java Lang OutofMemoryError PermGen space?

To fix it, increase the PermGen memory settings by using the following Java VM options. -XX:PermSize – Set initial PermGen Size. -XX:MaxPermSize – Set the maximum PermGen Size. In the next step, we will show you how to set the VM options in Tomcat, under Windows and Linux environment.

What is stored in PermGen?

PermGen (Permanent Generation) is a special heap space separated from the main memory heap. The JVM keeps track of loaded class metadata in the PermGen. Additionally, the JVM stores all the static content in this memory section.

What is XX MetaspaceSize?

-XX:MetaspaceSize specifies the standard value for full GCs that originate in the Metaspace area. The Metaspace area stores the class information that was loaded. You can estimate the size of the Metaspace area based on the size of the class information required for applications.