What is Seraphim of Sarov the patron saint of?

What is Seraphim of Sarov the patron saint of?

Russia’s nuclear weapons
Seraphim is a patron saint of Russia’s nuclear weapons.

Why do Orthodox say Theotokos save us?

Father Paul: When we speak of eternal salvation, we understand that only God can save us. Why then do we chant in various Services of our Orthodox Church, “Most Holy Theotokos Save us’? This prayerful phrase comes out of piety, love, respect and honor for the Mother and Birthgiver of God for her role in our salvation.

What do the Seraphim do?

Seraph, plural seraphim, in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic literature, celestial being variously described as having two or three pairs of wings and serving as a throne guardian of God.

Who is the patron saint of self control?

Saint Zita

Saint Zita
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Canonized 1696
Major shrine Basilica di San Frediano, Lucca
Feast 27 April

What is the Most Holy Theotokos?

Theotokos (Greek: Θεοτόκος, Greek pronunciation: [θeoˈtokos]) is a title of Mary, mother of Jesus, used especially in Eastern Christianity. The usual Latin translations are Dei Genitrix or Deipara (approximately “parent (fem.) of God”).

What is the Paraklesis service?

A Paraklesis (Greek: Παράκλησις, Slavonic: молебенъ) or Supplicatory Canon in the Byzantine Rite, is a service of supplication for the welfare of the living. The most popular Paraklesis is that in which the supplicatory canon and other hymns are addressed to the Most Holy Theotokos (the Mother of God).

Is Michael a seraph?

Michael is a princely seraph, an angel of supreme power and the leader of God’s army.

Who is God’s mother and father?

Our Father-Mother–God Christ Jesus spoke of God as Father and Shepherd, and the book of Isaiah represents God as saying, “As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you.

What did Seraphim of Sarov teach about prayer?

Concerning the Rule of the Theotokos, Seraphim of Sarov taught the following teaching about this rule of prayer:

What did St Seraphim say about the rule of Theotokos?

Seraphim said: Keeping this rule, it is possible, to reach Christian perfection, for the three prayers indicated are the foundation of Christianity. The first, as the payer given [to us] by Christ Himself, is the model for all prayers. The second was brought from Heaven by the Archangel to greet the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Our Lord.

How often do we pray the rule of the Theotokos?

The Rule of the Theotokos is part of the Easter Orthodox spiritual heritage. It is entirely based on the praying of the Angelic salutation for 150 times. When one looks closely to this Byzantine Rosary one clearly observes who this prayer does resemble our western Rosary in the West.

Where can I find the rule of prayer?

A pdf of the rule is available here. In the name of the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Glory to Thee, our God, glory to Thee.