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What is the meaning Interiorization?

What is the meaning Interiorization?

transitive verb. : to make interior especially : to make a part of one’s own inner being or mental structure.

What means intensification?

An intensification is an increase in strength or magnitude (or intensity). Agricultural intensification is an increase of productivity per acre. The intensification of a conflict, as in a war, usually means an increase in fighting.

What is the meaning of Exteriorized?

1 : externalize. 2 : to bring out of the body (as for surgery) the section of perforated colon was exteriorized. Other Words from exteriorize. exteriorization or British exteriorisation \ -​ˌstir-​ē-​ə-​rə-​ˈzā-​shən \ noun.

Is Inferiorize a real word?

(transitive) To make or treat as inferior.

What is crop intensification?

Agricultural intensification can be technically defined as an increase in agricultural production per unit of inputs (which may be labour, land, time, fertilizer, seed, feed or cash). This complexity notwithstanding, there is little doubt that agricultural intensification has been a prerequisite to human civilization.

What is the meaning of Indissociable?

impossible to dissociate; unable to be regarded or treated as separate or unconnected. an indissociable bond between subject and object.

Why are colons Exteriorized?

CONCLUSION: Exteriorized colon anastomosis is simple, avoids the inconvenience of colostomy and can be an alternative to routine colostomy. It is suitable where colostomy is socially unacceptable or the facilities and care is not available.

What is Furiated?

: to make (someone) very angry : to make (someone) furious.

Would worsen the situation?

If a bad situation worsens or if something worsens it, it becomes more difficult, unpleasant, or unacceptable.

Is there a word called worsen?

to make or become worse.

What is Relay crop?

Relay cropping is a method of multiple cropping where one crop is seeded into standing second crop well before harvesting of second crop. Relay cropping may solve a number of conflicts such as inefficient use of available resources, controversies in sowing time, fertilizer application, and soil degradation.