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What is the story handful of dates all about?

What is the story handful of dates all about?

The story is about a young boy who adored his grandfather to such an extent that he wanted to emulate him as a role model. The grandfather too loved him dearly for being intelligent, hardworking and obedient. He loved to take the boy along whenever he went for an outing.

What does a handful of dates symbolize?

In A Handful of Dates by Tayeb Salih we have the theme of connection, control, greed, selfishness, rejection, injustice, conflict and coming of age.

What made the boy idolize his grandfather in a handful of dates?

At the beginning of the story, the narrator obediently learns the Koran and partakes in the traditions of his religion. He idolizes his grandfather because he is the boy’s main influence in life. The narrator matures when he begins to form opinions and make decisions based on his own personal knowledge and experience.

Who is the narrator of the story the handful of dates ‘?

A Narrator, Meheimeed, reminisces about an idyllic childhood enjoying the river and fruits of the fertile land. The only thing greater than his love for village life is the deep reverence for his grandfather, Hajj Ahmad, a highly respected elder and prominent landowner in the village.

What is the theme of a handful of dates?

Greed. Embodied in the character of the grandfather, greed is a central theme in “A Handful of Dates.” In the middle of the story, the narrator learns of his grandfather’s desire for Masood’s fortunes to continue flagging so that he may buy up the remaining third of Masood’s land.

Who is Masood in a handful of dates?

Masood owned the whole land forty years ago in the story. Each time Masood got married he would sell the grandfather a feddan or two. Masood have three wives. Masood asked Tayeb and his grandfather to help harvest the dates, although Tayeb didn’t think that Masood didn’t want grandfather to participate.

What is the theme in a handful of dates?

What is the conflict of a handful of dates?

Conflict. The main conflict in the story “A handful of dates” is human vs human which mainly took place between grandfather and Masood.

Who is the author of a handful of dates?

The short story A Handful of Dates, by Tayeb Salih uses many different themes and literary techniques to tell a story of an innocent young boy discovering life’s hardships. The story begins with three introductory paragraphs which contain background information about the grandfather, and a boy from whose perspective the reader receives the story.

What are the themes in a handful of dates?

While the grandfather delights in Masood’s downfall, the narrator repeatedly reads the discomfort in Masood’s demeanor and, as Masood’s date harvest is divided amongst his creditors, the narrator feels the impulse to stretch his hand towards Masood and touch the hem of his garment.

Who is the protagonist in a handful of dates?

The story is narrated in the first person by an unnamed narrator; the point of view is that of the narrator when he was a boy. The story’s tone moves from being optimistic to sorrowful; the mood is nostalgic. The story’s protagonist is the narrator; the antagonist is his grandfather.

What happens at the harvest in a handful of dates?

The grandfather’s eagerness to attend the date harvest foreshadows the humiliation Masood will suffer as his dates are divided among the men he is in debt to. Quizzes – Test Yourself!