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What mods should I do to my Miata?

What mods should I do to my Miata?

Ultimate Miata Mods Guide

  1. Introduction.
  2. Batteries.
  3. Coilovers.
  4. Cold Air Intakes.
  5. Exhausts.
  6. Racing Seats.
  7. Supercharger Kits.
  8. Turbo Kits.

How can I add more horsepower to my Miata?

The Top 5 Best-Bang-For-The-Buck Performance Upgrades For Your Miata

  1. #1. Tires. Yep, tires.
  2. #2. Air Intake. Finding additional power increases from the Miata is difficult, but not impossible.
  3. #3. Sway Bar Set.
  4. #4. Exhaust Header.

How do you make an NA Miata faster?

Cut the catalytic converter off and put a straight pipe. Its illegal, but it allows a smoother flow of exhaust. Get smaller rims, less weight to spin around makes a faster miata.

Are na miatas going up in value?

The NA Miata has recently moved from “cheap roadster” to “investment” status as low-mileage examples become harder to find. This, in turn, has driven up price—the average #1 (Concours) condition value increased 10 percent in the last year alone (from $22,800 to $25,100).

How do you make your Miata handle better?

Welcome to the search for that great handling Miata….

  1. Get a precise and aggressive alignment. Search for “lanny alignment” or “icehawk alignment”.
  2. Get better tires.
  3. Learn better car control. The driver is the least modified part of the car but it’s the most important factor – go figure.
  4. Get some FM sways.

Are miatas fast?

With 26 more horsepower than last year, it’s the most powerful Miata ever, and it’s the quickest, sprinting to 60 mph in about 5.5 seconds. That’s over a full second quicker than Lance’s S2000. With a quarter-mile time around 14.5 seconds, the Mazda could even put some stock classic American muscle cars on the trailer.

How much horsepower will a supercharger add to a Miata?

The first-generation NA Miata uses a turbocharger, producing about 230 horsepower. The second-generation NB opts for a supercharger to make around 220 hp….Watch More Race Videos:

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Make/Model Mazda MX-5 Miata
Body Style Convertible

Can you tune Stock Miata ECU?

I can’t speak to NCs, but NA stock ECUs are not tunable. NB stock ECUs are only tunable by a select few (and I believe they have to be socketed first) and only within certain parameters. So the limits of the stock ECU are substantial and the benefits of an aftermarket programmable ECU are substantial.

Is the Mazda Miata a girl car?

Do you want a small, two-seat roadster that’s fun at any speed? Buy a Miata. Although, it’s too bad that the Mazda MX-5 Miata is a girl’s car.

Can a 6ft person fit in a Miata?

Yes, you can fit but whether you will be comfortable or not depends on your expectations and personality as well as your size. 6’5″ and 195lbs and I fit in an NA fine at least in my opinion but you should try it out and see what you think.

Are there any mods for a Mazda Miata?

Just about everyone else in the Miata market offers suspension upgrades, too, including Flyin’ Miata, Moss Motors and Mazdaspeed Motorsports Development, the marque’s own competition arm. POWER MODS: If you have any budget left, then start looking at things that add power.

Which is the best Miata for an engine conversion?

Regardless, it is agreed that the first (NA) and second-generation (NB) Miatas are the best for those who want to perform an engine conversion. For one, these are the most developed chassis in the aftermarket, and most kits are purpose-built for the NA and NB chassis.

How big should the tubing be on an MX 5 Miata?

Generally tubing around 2 and a quarter to 2 and a half inches in diameter is a suitable upgrade for an MX-5 miata so keep that in mind when your on the hunt. Number four is a free mod for those with the original NA model MX-5 Miata that run the mechanical crank angle sensor, or cas, at the back of the head.

Are there any mods for a Mazda MX 5?

2. Removing spare tire and jack This is by far one of the easiest mods you can do on the Miata. It will make… Do you own a Mazda MX-5?