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What red dot does the Russian military use?

What red dot does the Russian military use?

The current Russian standard-issue red dot, the 1P87, is provided with a dovetail-to-Picatinny mount as issued.

Can you put optics on an AK?

Adding an optic will breathe new life into your AK. For magnified optics and general versatility, I like the side mounted Picatinny railed version. check Best AK-47s (That You Can Still Buy).

Where are Kalinka optics made?

Kalinka Optics 1 The NVRS-F 2.5x50mm is made by Sibiu Optics in Russia.

Does Russian military use ZenitCo?

Along with an influx of guns, elite Russian forces began using Western sights and accessories. The Russian firm ZenitCo made the most popular version with their B-10 handguard and B-33 dust cover, although other firms and even Kalashnikov Concern made their own take on the concept later.

Do Russians use Acogs?

1P78 is one of the newer optics (telescopic sight) to be supplied to the Russian Armed Forces. With a magnification of 2.8 it is similar to the Trijicon Acog, and the PO 3.5x21P. This is the very reason why it is replacing the standard issue PSO-1 currently being used in large numbers by the Russian military.

What is a good red dot for an AR-15?

The 8 Best Red Dot Scopes for AR-15 — Reviews 2021

  • Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope — Best Overall.
  • Pinty 30mm Reflex Red Dot Scope — Best Value.
  • Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Scope — Premium Choice.
  • Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo5 Red Dot Scope.
  • Predator V3 Micro Red Dot Scope.
  • Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot Scope.

Are all AK side mounts the same?

It depends. As many variants of AKs there are, there are just about as many variants of side rails. If you have enough basic adjustability though, you can get the same clamp to work with all the different rail styles. The vast majority of Combloc-type side rails are 60-degree dovetail mounts.

Is Bear optics legit?

Kalinka is a reliable,reputable operation. I’ve had a Belarus-made 4x POSP on a Saiga for a year or so, i think it’s a fantastic scope. There’s no problem with lens clarity, it’s excellent glass. I’d say get the one you want before it’s gone.

Are Russian scopes good?

The Russian devices are of the very best quality, very rugged, and range from simple hand-held monoculars (at left) and binoculars, through head-strap goggles, to third generation rifle scopes now issued to the Russian special forces (but those cannot be exported from Russia).

What kind of optics are used in Russian rifles?

Welcome! Welcome to, a site dedicated to covering Russian and former Soviet optics for small arms (and many others). is the result of many years of collecting ‘combloc’ optics and evaluating their use on AK rifles.

Which is the best site for Russian optics?

The field of Russian optics is much larger than any one person can really tackle and I deeply appreciate the assistance as this site becomes as detailed as it can be. is dedicated to the AK enthusiast and to anyone who wants to know more about Russian small arms optics.

When was the AK first deployed to Russia?

Considering the AK was first deployed about 1947 you can look back and see that for about 60 of it’s 65 year history in Russia the AK has had an effective way to mount optics when the mission required their use. Also of note is that during the past 20 years the ability to use optics has actually been standard right from the factory.

When did the russianoptics Hobby Hobby come about? is the result of many years of collecting ‘combloc’ optics and evaluating their use on AK rifles. For me the optic hobby started in 2005 with a PK-AS, a Kobra and an SLR105 in 5.45×39…