What snake is called the elephant killer?

What snake is called the elephant killer?

Acrochordus javanicus, commonly known as the elephant trunk snake or the Javan file snake, is a species of snake in the family Acrochordidae, a family which represents a group of primitive non-venomous aquatic snakes.

What do elephant trunk snakes eat?

Diet: These carnivores feed on fish and amphibians, such as frogs. They don’t seem to have a fish preference. Some will take dead fish, but only some. Live feeder fish can be maintained in the tank for a constant supply of food.

Are elephant trunk snakes poisonous?

Elephant trunk snakes are not venomous, but they may inflict serious injuries when provoked. In the case of bite, their teeth often remain stuck in the attacker’s flesh, creating painful wounds.

Where is the biggest anaconda in world?

The posts further say, “Africa’s Royal British commandos took 37 days to get it killed.” The image is fake and the claim is untrue. The image is not recent and has been circulating for at least since 2015. World’s biggest snake Anaconda found in Africa’s Amazon river. It has killed 257 humans & 2325 animals.

Where are elephant trunk snakes from?

In fact, it is a mostly aquatic species of snake. The elephant trunk snake (Acrochordus Javanicus) is a species that that is found in South East Asia. Most commonly, it is native to the West Coast of Malaysia and the Northern islands of Indonesia (ie. Sumatra, Borneo, Java).

Where is the biggest snake in the world?

Growing up to 30 feet long, the reticulated python (Python reticulatus) of southeastern Asia and the East Indies is the longest snake in the world. These giants have an average weight of 250 pounds, but the largest known specimen in existence weighs in at a whopping 350 pounds.

How long do elephant trunk snakes live?

Elephant Trunk Snake Lifespan. How Long do They Live? In captivity, the elephant trunk snake may live anywhere from 12-15 years.

What is the biggest thing a anaconda can eat?

The decidedly not-extinct anaconda can swallow five-foot long Caiman crocodiles, but those gargantuan snakes can reach 20 feet long and 330 pounds, per Live Science.

Can a snake eat an elephant?

Lovely! Real pythons eschew Guido’s advice and eat things whole. In his classic book, “The Little Prince”, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry depicts a boa constrictor eating an elephant, not to be mistaken for a hat.