What topics are in biology B2?

What topics are in biology B2?

AQA B2 Revision Notes

  • 1 Cells and Cell Structures.
  • 1 Tissues, Organs and Organ Systems.
  • 3 Photosynthesis.
  • 4 Organisms and their environment.
  • 5 Proteins.
  • 6 Respiration.
  • 7 Cell Division and inheritance.
  • 8 Speciation.

Is there a biology GCSE?

The GCSE biology syllabus covers a number of subjects, with topics ranging from cloning to global warming. The GCSE biology syllabus covers seven subject areas, split across two separate papers: Cell biology.

What is covered in GCSE biology?

GCSE Biology is the study of living organisms and their structure, life-cycles, adaptations and environment.

What is B1 GCSE?

B1: Cell level systems.

What is B2 in biology?

B2.1 Cells and simple cell transport To get into or out of cells, dissolved substances have to cross the cell membranes.

What topics are covered in biology?

Simply put, biology involves the study of living organisms, from single-celled organisms to multiple-celled plants, animals and humans. Some basic biology class topics might include cellular structure and functions, evolution and natural selection, heredity and genetics and ecosystems.

How long does it take to learn GCSE biology?

About this GCSE Biology Course

Study Time: 120 hours
Enrolment length: 12 months
Course Format: Online
Entry Requirements: None Specific

What does GCSE stand for?

General Certificate of Secondary Education
GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education. They are highly valued by schools, colleges and employers. The qualification mainly involves studying the theory of a subject, together with some investigative work, while some subjects also involve practical work.