What town is Circuit of The Americas in?

What town is Circuit of The Americas in?

Home of the world championships Circuit of The Americas is the premier destination for world-class motorsports and entertainment in the United States. Set on 1,500 acres in the rolling hills just outside downtown Austin, Circuit of The Americas has hosted the biggest names in racing, action sports and music since 2012.

What state is Circuit of The Americas in?

Circuit of the Americas/State

Circuit of The Americas™ is a new world-class motorsports and entertainment venue in Texas, slated to host dozens of high-profile motorsports, entertainment and business events each year. The Circuit is located nine miles from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and less than 15 miles from downtown Austin.

What city is Cota?

Circuit of the Americas (COTA) is located 15 miles (24 km) from downtown Austin. The best way to get to the track is by car (your own, a hire car or taxi) or the COTA shuttle. When making plans, be aware that Austin traffic is notorious most times of the year, but especially during major events such as F1.

What is the name of the race track in Austin Texas?

Revving up for a full roster of year-round racing, Austin’s Circuit of The AmericasTM (COTA) has turned heads as the first purpose-built Grand Prix facility in the U.S.

Who owns the Circuit of Americas?

The track was purpose-built with the intent of bringing in a Formula 1 race, which it has done since 2012, but many folks wonder who the owners of this magnificent facility are? The answer is easy- The Circuit of the Americas, LLC.

How much is parking at Cota?


Type Price Parking Map
3-DAY PARKING – LOT A $550 Parking Map
3-DAY PARKING – LOT Q “PARK & RIDE” $180 Seating Map
3-DAY PARKING – LOT B, D $300 Parking Map
3-DAY PARKING – LOT C $250 Parking Map

Who owns the Circuit of the Americas?

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How old is Circuit of the Americas?

9c. 2012
Circuit of the Americas/Age

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Where is Avenue of the Americas?

1251 Avenue of the Americas, formerly known as the Exxon Building , is a skyscraper on Sixth Avenue (also known as Avenue of the Americas) in Manhattan, New York City, between 49th and 50th Streets.

Where is circuit of America in Austin Texas?

Transportation and the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas. The Circuit of the Americas race track is located 15 miles south east from downtown Austin and connected to the Downtown area via highway 71 and toll road 45.