What was 2004 Famous?

What was 2004 Famous?

18 November – Parliament passes the Hunting Act 2004 banning fox hunting in England and Wales. 20 November – Launch of the Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Mission, a joint United States, UK and Italian-developed spacecraft, designed to study gamma-ray bursts. 28 November – Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff is opened.

What was happening in April 2004?

Apr 16 The super liner Queen Mary 2 embarks on her first Transatlantic crossing, linking the golden age of ocean travel to the modern age of ocean travel. Apr 20 In Iraq, 12 mortars are fired on Abu Ghraib Prison by insurgents, killing 22 detainees and wounding 92.

What was happening in May 2004?

May 23 Part of Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport’s Terminal 2E collapses, killing four people and injuring three others. May 24 North Korea bans mobile phones. May 26 The United States Army veteran Terry Nichols is found guilty of 161 state murder charges for helping carry out the Oklahoma City bombing.

What big event happened in 2005?

Worldwide protests occur against the Iraq War, with over 150,000 protesters in Washington, D.C. (see Opposition to the Iraq War). Hurricane Rita hits the U.S. Gulf Coast, devastating areas near Beaumont, Texas and Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Who was born in 2004?

Birth Date between 2004-01-01 and 2004-12-31 (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

  • Millie Bobby Brown. Actress | Enola Holmes.
  • Isaiah Stannard. Actor | Good Girls.
  • Teagan Croft. Actress | Titans.
  • Marsai Martin. Actress | Little.
  • Amiah Miller.
  • Noah Schnapp.
  • Peyton Elizabeth Lee.
  • 8. Gabriel Bateman.

What are some historical events that happened in 2004?


  • January 4 and January 24: Spirit and Opportunity land on Mars.
  • April 28: Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse revealed.
  • June 5: Former President Ronald Reagan dies at 93. A six day state funeral follows.
  • July 29: John Kerry, Democratic Presidential nominee.
  • November 2: George W.
  • Ann Miller.
  • Mercedes McCambridge.
  • Pat Tillman.

What was happening in June 2004?

Event of Interest

  • Jun 5 French Open Women’s Tennis: In an all-Russian final Anastasia Myskina wins her lone major title; beats Elena Dementieva 6-1, 6-2.
  • Jun 6 Tamil is established as a Classical language by the President of India, Dr.
  • Jun 6 58th Tony Awards: Avenue Q & I Am My Own Wife win.

What bad happened in 2004?

Locusts Plagues. West African Countries including Chad and Mauritania are suffering the worst Locusts Plagues in 40 years.

  • Afghanistan democratic election.
  • Russia Siege at a school.
  • Hurricane Ivan.
  • Colin Powell.
  • President George Bush.
  • Facebook.
  • Hurricane Jeanne.
  • What was going on in June 2005?

    Jun 1 The longest oil/natural gas explosion in the Houston, Texas area occurs in Crosby, Texas. The drill was owned by the Louisiana Oil and Gas Company.

    Who was the first baby born in 2004?

    First baby of 2004 is a Walker.

    What was the major events of the year 2004?

    Events from the year 2004 in the United States . “55% of adult internet users have broadband at home or work.” January 4 – NASA ‘s MER-A ( Spirit) lands on Mars at 04:35 UTC. U.S. Senator John Kerry (D-MA) wins the Iowa Democratic caucus. Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean ‘s concession speech ends with a lively but controversial scream.

    What was the most important news in 2004?

    The rovers of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Opportunity and Spirit, landed safely on Mars and kicked off their research in January. They have sent back tens of thousands of photos over the past year and found evidence that water once existed on the Red Planet.

    Who was President of the United States in 2004?

    August 29 – Around 200,000 protesters demonstrate in New York City against President George W. Bush and his government, ahead of the Republican National Convention. August 30 – September 2 – U.S. President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney are renominated at the Republican National Convention in New York City.

    What did the US win at the Olympics in 2004?

    August 13 – August 29 – The United States compete at the Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece, and win 36 gold, 39 silver and 27 bronze medals. August 29 – Around 200,000 protesters demonstrate in New York City against President George W. Bush and his government, ahead of the Republican National Convention.