When was the Restless Gun made?

When was the Restless Gun made?

September 23, 1957
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How many seasons did Restless Gun have?

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How long was the Restless Gun was on?

For two seasons and 78 episodes, Vint Bonner was a gunfighter who sought peaceful solutions first. Sometimes he was successful; often he was not. Best of all, The Restless Gun is like a parade of great character actors from classic film and television, from up-and-comers to veterans.

Where was the Restless Gun filmed?

American Southwest

The Restless Gun
Producers David Dortort Felix Jackson
Production location American Southwest
Running time 30 minutes
Production companies Window Glen Productions Revue Studios

What happened to actor John Payne?

Death. Payne died in Malibu, California, of congestive heart failure on December 6, 1989, aged 77. His ashes were scattered into the Pacific Ocean. He has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in motion pictures and television.

What Western did John Payne star in?

THE RESTLESS GUN – 10 Facts About The 1950s Western Starring John Payne. What happens when a gunfighter doesn’t want to be a gunfighter anymore? That’s the story of the innovative TV western The Restless Gun. John Payne stars as Vint Bonner, an aging cowboy looking to retire his six-shooter in post-Civil War Texas.

Did John Payne the actor lose an arm?

John Payne got a second lease on life when a friend resuscitated him after he got shocked by 7,200 volts of electricity at age 20. He lost an arm in the accident, but he used that apparent handicap and turned it into an opportunity to develop a unique career as a rodeo entertainer.

How did the one armed bandit lose his arm?

John Payne, aka the One Arm Bandit, is a professional rodeo entertainer from Ponca City, Okla. The 52-year-old lost his right arm and almost died when he was electrocuted in 1973. They say your body will let go of a wire when it’s being electrocuted, but I held on to it until it burnt my fingers off.

What happened to the actor John Payne?

How did the One Arm Bandit lose his arm?

Where is the one arm bandit from?

Shidler, Oklahoma
Notorious as The One Arm Bandit, John was born to a rancher in the oil rich town of Shidler, Oklahoma on April 19, 1953. Ranch life with four brothers taught John to “Get out of the way or get run over”. He believes “when the going gets tough, the tough get going and if there is a will, there is a way”.

How old is John Payne?

77 years (1912–1989)
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Who was the actor in the Restless Gun?

The Restless Gun is an American Western television series that appeared on NBC between 1957 and 1959, with John Payne in the role of Vint Bonner, a wandering cowboy in the era after the American Civil War.

When did the Restless Gun go off the air?

Rebroadcasts of The Restless Gun continued on NBC until September 1959. Then ABC rebroadcast The Restless Gun weekdays from October 1959 to September 1960 and on Saturday mornings from November 1959 to March 1960. As of May 2016, it currently runs weekdays on GetTV at 7:00 am PT.

What was the theme song to the Restless Gun?

The half-hour black-and-white program aired 78 episodes. The Restless Gun theme song (officially titled “I Ride With the Wind”) begins: “I ride with the wind, my eyes on the sun, and my hand on my restless gun…”

Who was Vint Bonner in the Restless Gun?

The adventures of Vint Bonner, a cowboy in the post Civil War era. This is the Pilot episode. Error: please try again. Bonner begins to suspect that the likable guitar-strumming man he met on the trail may be the same man who shot and robbed a farmer. His clue is the song “Silver Threads Among The Gold”.