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Which is better French or Dutch side of St Maarten?

Which is better French or Dutch side of St Maarten?

Along with its selection of bars and nightclubs, the Dutch side of Sint Maarten has a more animated vibe than its French counterpart, as a result of the number of nightlife options and amount of tourists consistently flowing into Philipsburg.

What is the French side of St Maarten called?

Saint Martin (island)

Native name: Sint Maarten (Dutch) Saint-Martin (French) Nickname: The Friendly Island
Area covered 53 km2 (20 sq mi; 60.9%)
Kingdom of the Netherlands
Constituent country Sint Maarten
Capital Philipsburg

Can Americans buy property in St Martin?

Yes, foreigners can buy property in St Maarten / St Martin and the island welcomes investment from overseas buyers. On both French St Martin and Dutch St Maarten real estate can be purchased fee simple or via long lease (government or private).

How much are property taxes in st maarten?

Maarten. Furthermore, there are no annual property taxes, no personal capital gains taxes and St. Maarten is a duty free port making the owning of real estate here all the more appealing.

Is St. Maarten a safe island?

The dual-nation island is just as safe as other island getaways. Crowds are denser in St. Maarten, however, so travelers should exercise common sense when moving around the tourist areas; leave your valuables at home, and only carry small bills.

Can a US citizen live in St Maarten?

A U.S. citizen can live and work in Sint Maarten for the duration of the Declaration of Admission.

Can I live in Sint Maarten?

Sint Maarten is one of the safest islands you can live on. Many of the locals work in the tourism industry and the popularity of the island has afforded them middle class lifestyles. This prosperity has done a lot for the mindset of the people that live on the island.

Is St Maarten tax free?

The island is home to some of the most prestige jewelry stores in the world. And best of all, you shop TAX-FREE in Dutch SXM, which saves you up to 30%! Another tip when visiting from the USA which can make back your vacation money: buy over-the-counter medicine on Dutch Sint Maarten!

What is the best time of year to go to St. Maarten?

The best time to visit St. Martin and St. Maarten is May and June or between November and mid-December. These select weeks are times when hotels advertise their best rates.