Who is the designer of the Foamposite Pro?

Who is the designer of the Foamposite Pro?

The Air Foamposite Pro featured a jeweled Swoosh on the side to set it apart from the Foamposite One, which was a blank canvas of sorts, showcasing the new wavy upper. The Foamposite One was originally designed with Scottie Pippen in mind, until it caught the eye of another Nike star, Penny Hardaway.

Is the air Foamposite one a Nike sneaker?

Part of the Air Foamposite One’s appeal was its lack of dominant Nike branding. With just a tiny white Swoosh on the lateral forefoot side, it wasn’t immediately obvious that it was a Nike sneaker.

How did Foamposite get to be a shoe?

The new technology was dubbed “Foamposite”–a polyurethane liquid that is heated and molded to create a glove-like fit on a shoe–and it was unlike anything the sneaker world had ever seen. The entire process from conception to release took about four years and there was no shortage of roadblocks.

Who was the first person to wear the air Foamposite?

On March 23, 1997, the Air Foamposite One debuted on the hardwood, but it wasn’t on the feet of it’s signature athlete, Penny Hardaway. In fact, Mike Bibby, who was then a star guard at the University of Arizona, was the first to wear them in a game. He would go on to wear them throughout Arizona’s run to the 1997 NCAA Championship.

When does the air Foamposite one come out?

Select colorways of the Air Foamposite One and the Air Foamposite Pro are available now while supplies last.

When did the Foamposite Pro Sequoia come out?

After its debut in 1997, the Foamposite was re-released in several more colorways throughout the 2000s. Today’s popular Nike Foamposite shoes include the Nike Air Foamposite One Obsidian Glitter, which has a distinctive glittery look. The Nike Air Foamposite Pro Sequoia has a more matte finish.