Who wrote Bluestone 42?

Who wrote Bluestone 42?

James Cary
James Cary is a sitcom writer for BBC TV and radio, including Bluestone 42, which he co-created and wrote with Richard Hurst. He met Richard working on series 1 & 2 of BBC’s Miranda. He also writes for Third Way magazine and his latest book is called Death by Civilisation.

Why was Bluestone 42 cancelled?

Bluestone 42 will not return for a fourth series, it has been revealed. Overall, it was felt that the show had run its course, with the return of the troops from Afghanistan, and the move of BBC Three to an online platform.”

How many series of Bluestone 42 were made?

three series
BBC Three has dropped its Army sitcom Bluestone 42 after three series. The move coincides with British ground troops withdrawing from Afghanistan, where the series is set. Chortle today published an extract from Cary’s book, Writing That Sitcom.

Where can we watch Bluestone 42?

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Does Amazon Prime have Bluestone 42?

Watch Bluestone 42 – Season 1 | Prime Video.

Who was Tony in Soldier Soldier?

Gary Joseph Love
Gary Joseph Love (born 26 November 1964) is a British actor and film director. He is best known for playing the role of Sergeant Tony Wilton in the British Army inspired award-winning series Soldier Soldier, and as Jimmy McClaren in Grange Hill in 1984.

Where can I watch Bluestone 42 in the UK?

What happened to Gary Love?

Because of Gary’s extensive Acting and Directing career he is now living in Los Angeles working with some ‘A’ list Actors & Writers developing high-end drama projects. He is delighted to have just signed on to do ‘The Following’ starring Kevin Bacon & James Purefoy, to be shot in New York in the fall.

How does Soldier Soldier end?

In the final episode of this series of Soldier, Soldier, a black cloud hangs over “”A”” Company when a large scale theft is discovered from the military stores. Color Seargeant Ian Anderson hears he…

What happened to Tony Wilton in Soldier Soldier?

Gary Love – Tony Wilton Wilton was a popular character over the first four series of the show before he was killed off in the 1994 episode Bombshell. In 2001, she was reunited with her old co-star Gary Love, who directed her in episodes of Waking The Dead, in which she played Dr Frankie Wharton.

What was the last episode of Soldier Soldier?

No Pain, No Gain
Soldier Soldier/Latest episode

How long did Soldier Soldier last?

Created by Lucy Gannon, produced by Central Television and broadcast on the ITV network, it ran for a total of seven series and 82 episodes from 10 June 1991 to 9 December 1997.