Why are my books not selling on KDP?

Why are my books not selling on KDP?

If 1000 KDP authors are doing very well, then that means 99.9% of them are not. So if your book isn’t selling, you are definitely not alone. – They have published lots and lots of books. Their books are full-length (at least 40,000 words).

Why is a book currently unavailable on Amazon?

If you’re looking at one Amazon marketplace from a country foreign to that marketplace, you’ll see the “unavailable” message because Amazon wants you to buy from your own marketplace.

Why is my book not selling?

Publicity / Marketing It’s possible that your book isn’t selling because people don’t know there’s a product to buy. This is easily addressed: with the proliferation of blogs and book promotion services no author will ever run out of ways to advertise their book’s existence.

Is Amazon not selling books?

Amazon does not sell its thousands of e-books or tens of thousands of audiobooks to libraries, The Washington Post reported. Amazon, though, is the only major publisher that completely bypasses selling digital versions to libraries, according to The Washington Post.

Can you sell your eBook on Amazon?

To sell your ebook on Amazon, the easiest DIY route to take is a fairly straightforward service called Amazon KDP (which stands for Kindle Direct Publishing).

How do I know if I sold a book on KDP?

On your Sales Dashboard you can see units ordered, Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP) read, and royalties earned for the past 90 days. The Dashboard shows this information in two graphs and one table. To customize the data, click the drop-down menus at the top of the page.

What does it mean if something is unavailable on Amazon?

What does currently unavailable mean on Amazon Video? That simply means you have no access to play the title on Amazon Prime. TV shows are not available in the middle of a season. There may be a technical issue or service outage.

Is every book on Kindle?

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited is a monthly subscription plan. The service doesn’t include every book on Amazon or Audible, but many of the best-sellers are included. You just need to look for the titles marked with the Kindle Unlimited logo.

Can you make a living selling books on Amazon?

For established Amazon sellers, adding books to your business model can be a profitable way to stock your inventory with high ROI items. And for newbie sellers, you can buy a whole lot of books for not a lot of bucks.

What’s the best product to sell on Amazon?

Here are Amazon’s best selling categories:

  • Toys & Games. This niche makes a lot of sense.
  • Electronics. Electronics is a category where Amazon is dominating with their own products.
  • Camera & Photo.
  • Video Games.
  • Books.
  • Clothing, Shoes, & Jewelry.
  • Developing Your Amazon Best Seller.
  • Scratch Your Own Itch.

Is selling eBooks profitable?

Making money from ebooks isn’t automatic. You can’t just put anything in it and hope to profit. It’s not a difficult task, but you should follow some best practices to make sure your ebook draws attention from readers and generates sales. Just because you’re writing a book doesn’t mean you have to stress out.