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Why is Tikarapada famous?

Why is Tikarapada famous?

Popularly known for breeding gharials in its realm, Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary is also famous for its diverse species of flora and fauna. Leopard, spotted deer, tiger, rhesus macaques, Indian Pitta, red jungle fowl and pangolins are some of the fauna species that one can spot in this tourist place of Odisha.

In which district is Tikarpada situated?

Tikarpada Village , Anugul Tehsil , Anugul District.

Which animal is protected in Bhitarkanika National Park?

Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary is home to numerous species of birds. It is also home to the endangered and mysterious King Cobras….Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary.

Forest Division : Mangrove Forests Division (WL) Rajnagar
Notified Area : 672.00

Which district is gahirmatha?

Kendrapara District
Gahirmatha | Kendrapara District, Government of Odisha | India.

How do I get to satkosia?

The major Entry point to all these Nature Resorts at Satkosia are through Angul. From Kolkata, you need to travel to Cuttack in Odisha by rail. From Cuttack, travel to Angul (which is 115 kms away), via bus, in order to reach Satkosia.

Is the Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary a tourist destination?

Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary is popular tourist destination among the family vacationers. Spread over an area of about 795.52 km sq, this sanctuary is a home to large variety of wild animals as well as an exotic variety of birds. The flora of this place amazes its tourists.

Which is the best road to go to Tikarpada?

Road is good, you have to go through village road with so many village junctions called “Cheka”. There is a single road goes through the dense forest to Tikarpada . Awesome road trip and we have been to the place in our Car in the afternoon. It was a family trip and we enjoyed like anything.

Which is better Tikarpada or Satkosia George?

Tikarpada Wildlife asylum is juxtaposition with the Satkosia George where winding River Mahanadi dives into the Eastern Ghat. Situated at separation of 200 kms from the sanctuary city of Bhubaneshwar, nature unfurls a few its most excellent puzzles in type of Tikarpada.

Which is the best way to get to Tikarpara from Angul?

Get down at Angul and hire a cab to Tikarpara. For Day Visitors – Rs.40/- per person. For Guests – The entry fees is added in the accommodation fees while booking. Make sure you carry your ID proof and print out of your bookings. Angul offers a decent option for shopping.