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When should I climb Toubkal?

When should I climb Toubkal?

For people new to trekking at high elevations, the best time to climb Mount Toubkal is in the spring months of Apr-May, or the autumn months of Sep-Oct. This way you avoid extremes of hot or cold.

How hard is it to climb Toubkal?

Mount Toubkal requires no technical climbing and most people in good physical condition should be able to make the summit, if they are well prepared and respect the altitude of the peak. However, it is not an easy hike and there is always the risk of injuries and even fatalities on the climb.

How much does it cost to climb Mount Toubkal?

Pricing generally depends on the length of the trip and number of people in the group, but for 3-5 day trips prices for large groups (5-8 people) are generally 300-400 EUR per person, with smaller groups (3-4 people) increasing to 400-500 EUR per person.

How tall is Mount Toubkal in feet?


Do you need a guide to climb Toubkal?

You do not need to hire a guide to climb Toubkal. If you are an experienced backpacker and feel comfortable in the wilderness, you can choose to go it completely alone, and many trekkers do just that.

Is it cold in the Atlas Mountains?

The Atlas Mountains are the meeting place of two different kinds of air masses—the humid and cold polar air masses that come from the north and the hot and dry tropical air masses that move up from the south. Winter in the Atlas is hard, imposing severe conditions upon the inhabitants. …

Can you climb the Atlas Mountains?

It’s diverse outdoor offerings are similar to Chamonix, so you can go skiing, climbing and hiking. As part of the Atlas Mountain trekking, we are welcomed by the local Berber people living in Berber Village as pictured in the mountains.

Where are the High Atlas Mountains?

High Atlas, French Haut Atlas, or Great Atlas, mountain range in central Morocco. It extends northeastward for 460 miles (740 km), from the Atlantic Coast to the Algerian border.

How high is Mount Toubkal in Morocco?

What is the height of Mount Kilimanjaro?

Mount Kilimanjaro/Elevation

What mountain range is Mount Kilimanjaro in?

Eastern Rift mountains
Mount Kilimanjaro/Mountain range

How long does it take to climb Mount Toubkal?

Toubkal Trek or Climb starts from Marrakech to Imlil valley which is the trailhead of many treks to mount toubkal. You go from Imlil to the basecamp or refuge on the first day; it usually takes around 5 to 6h walk. Then, the next day is the challenge day; you climb up mount toubkal & return back to the basecamp , and down back to Imlil.

Which is the closest city to mount Toubkal?

To get to Mount Toubkal, you need to fly into Morocco. The closest big city to Mount Toubkal is Marrakesh. The only international airport in Marrakesh is the Marrakesh Menara Airport. The drive from the airport to Imlil is about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

What to see and do in Toubkal, Morocco?

Toubkal is for keen walkers and hikers with a moderate fitness level. Toubkal is a fun and challenging trek with gratifying views from the peak. You will see the remote villages of the Berber people, roaring waterfalls, rivers, and the crash site of a cargo plane, depending on your route.

What’s the best way to acclimatize to mount Toubkal?

You should be drinking plenty of water as well. The best way to acclimatize to trekking Toubkal is to start with a good nights rest in Imlil and then stop at one of the refuges to sleep for the night. This allows your body to adjust gradually, as the walk from Imlil to the Toubkal Refuges is about 12km alone.